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Eco-Friendly Fashion

Our Mission

Eco-Friendly Fashion

To empower a movement for a more socially conscious fashion industry. Providing apparel of exceptional quality that is domestically made, eco-friendly and sustainable.

At HighLine Apparel we believe that consumers can change the world by making ethical purchasing decisions, without sacrificing style or quality. We believe in domestically produced, eco-friendly fashion providing an alternative to products we use in our day-to-day lives. 

An Old Sewing Machine

Our Commitment to Quality

An Old Sewing Machine

With over ten years of experience manufacturing apparel in Canada, HighLine Apparel (HLA) was launched with the goal of providing better choices for a better world, reducing the impacts of the fashion industry on our planet. All our products are NAFTA-certified, and are manufactured using GOTS certified, ringspun combed, organic cotton and recycled polyesters. Fabrics are knit, dyed, cut and sewn in Canada supporting a stronger domestic economy.

Show customers, employees and your community that you care about making a positive difference. Prevent chemicals from harming our earth, strengthen the domestic economy by supporting local business and manufacturing jobs while influencing positive change for our future.

Organic Cotton:

Organic cotton starts with organic farming practices, using seeds that haven’t been genetically modified or treated with pesticides. From growth through to harvest, the process is monitored according to a set of Organic Growing Standards. We are GOTS certified ­ Global Organic Textile Standard.

Recycle Polyester:

Did you know how Recycled Polyester is made?

Source: Alternatives Journal Volume 41 #3 /2015

Plants that have grown in the shape of a heart

Our Green Initiatives

Some plants that have grown into the shape of a heart

Assisting local and international social initiatives through partnerships, sponsorships and educational events, HighLine Apparel (HLA) supports global citizens dedicated to a more socially-conscious future. Our eco-friendly manufacturing processes have saved over 342,000 lbs of pesticides from damaging our planet.

In addition to being dedicated to using sustainable and sweatshop free manufacturing methods, HLA is also committed to accountability and transparency and is proud to be a member of Fashion Takes Action and Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. As a supplier of sustainable fashion options in the apparel industry, we are raising the bar by raising awareness for a greener future.

Formerly, as Me to We Style, we were proud to participate in a tree planting program with Free the Children; whereby each piece of apparel sold planted a tree in East Africa. Seeing an opportunity to focus on similar projects locally, HighLine Apparel is honoured to support green spaces across North America.

By supporting green initiatives like the Toronto Parks and Tree Foundation, Toronto Harbourfront Centre’s Music Garden, Bullfrog Power, and the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, HighLine Apparel is actively bringing communities together while uniting our common goal ­ making our world a greener place.

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